Harry Reid on Redskins Losing Trademark: Just a Matter of Time Until Redskins Owner is “Forced” to Change the Name

Who gave the US Patent & Trademark Office the power to cancel a company or in this case a sports teams name and trademark over political opinion? The Washington Redskins name IS NOT racist or derogatory as Reid and the minority fascists want you to believe. Glenn Beck spelled it out on his radio show today reading the decision from the USPTO:

“We decided based on the evidence properly before us these registrations must be canceled because they are disparaging to Native Americans and the respective times that they were registered” That is false, the Washington Redskins were named the Redskins after the first coach who was a Native American! How could it possibly have been disparaging when the guy who it was named after was the coach when they named it!!?”

The coach the team is named after Beck refers to is William Henry “Lone Star” Dietz, which was an honor in the eyes of most Native Americans.

Who is going to force Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to change the name of his team Harry? This is political correctness fascism from the radical race hustling left completely out of control. Why is it time after time the minority tyrants are allowed a win? This is an extremely dangerous precedent set and the road this nation is going down is fulfilling obama’s promise of fundamental transformation.

Tell us fascists who is next? The Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Blackhawks.. the State of Oklahoma??
You do know Oklahoma is Choctaw for Red People right?

America when are you going to wake up and take this country back?

BTW why are American tax payers dollars being wasted on the peoples Senate floor to bring this up? Nevada voters shame on each and everyone of you for leaving Reid in power!