Doctor Warns About Surge of Diseases Entering the US via Southern Border Rush

The lawless obama regime in promoting an open border that amnesty will be passed in the US has put every single Americans health… life in danger! Dr. Nina Radcliff goes through a list of diseases that are coming into the US with all the illegals rushing the border seeking amnesty from third-world nations.

Tuberculosis, Scabies & Lice, Dengue Fever, Measles & Chicken Pox and Leprosy are what we the people have to look forward to now thanks to emperor obama. Take note the doctor points out we could be exposed to a stronger multi-drug resistant strain of TB that will take 6-9 months of antibiotic treatment, in which the drugs have serious side effects, that will cost $250,000 to treat per person!! Don’t worry obamacare will cover it…. Then there is Dengue Fever, to which there is no known cure, and Leprosy, that one could be carrying for up to twenty years with no symptoms, to look forward too as well!

The border must be shut down immediately the US is under a legitimate health and security threat. Consider this, we know about the diseases listed above and that OTM’s (Other Than Mexicans) are coming through; that said who is to say a terrorist won’t come across carrying a weaponized biological disease already in their blood stream to create a pandemic? Don’t say it can’t happen, what was crazy yesterday becomes facts today! Makes you think!

Gov’s Brewer(AZ) and Perry(TX) must take more steps than those they have announced to lock the border down regardless of what the bobbleheads in DC say or threaten to do. All illegals in the US must be shipped NOT to holding facilities Massachusetts, Arizona etc but back across the border! A call has never been issued by STR before but militia groups need to move on the border ASAP because we do not have enough border agents to handle the surge from third-world nations.

The silence from our so-called leaders on this is utter disgrace. If this border invasion isn’t the incentive people need to wake up and show up at the polls this November to remove incumbents then the US will truly be lost!