Feds Confirm Flying Planeloads of Illegal Immigrants to Massachusetts

Watch it again and listen closely to Tucker Carlson…. the ones here being dropped off all over the country are not going to be sent home! Those at the border have to be sent back to the nations of origin. If the children are permitted to stay then that will open the door for their families; who else is going to care for them?! The illegals through the obama admins encouragement are using their children as a means to get into the US.

The feds are not going to be able to keep a lid on the media for much longer, sooner or later more disturbing images will hit the wire. When they do and there are eventual deaths ( many illegals carry highly communicable diseases like TB, Scabies and Chicken Pox) within these “holding facilities” or right outside the border (dehydration, malnutrition, heat exposure) there will be public outcry to take action. At that point the clock will begin counting down on these illegals being included in an amnesty bill passed by Congress or ASYLUM through a unilateral move by his royal majesty and his magic pen!

One way or another the 10’s of thousands coming across are in the US for good. Even if a message is put out to Central America today for people to stop coming here, that the info they are acting on is incorrect there are still thousands already on their 15 day journey with no clue who will rush the border!

Illegal aliens will not only put a strain on the US economically but they pose a health and national security risk. How many OTM’s are blending in with families who have criminal backgrounds, members of drug cartels or are terrorists?? No one in DC has any clue but the fact of the matter is the US is in danger with the border wide open as our agents are pulled off patrol to babysit and change diapers. The US is in distress and no one in DC is doing anything about it!