Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama’s ‘Dumping of Illegals is Intentional’

The regime has been actively planning for this mess to pressure the republicants to pass an amnesty bill or maybe not!! The emperor knows if they pass an amnesty bill the American people will punish said republicans and democrats at the polls in November, throwing all the trouble makers out and electing conservatives to a majority in both houses. So what can he do to create a new pool of voters?

What can emperor obama do to satisfy groups and individuals who want amnesty but not open the flood gates to losing progressive democrats & republicans who would vote for amnesty?? We now have the perfect storm at the border for his majesty to get his way without twisting arms. Dems have threatened if republicants don’t pass amnesty he will use his pen to do another end run on Congress but this time he can do it without losing political ground by granting ASYLUM!

All the illegals rushing the border are using rehearsed answers to get into the US. They claim they are escaping the violence, drug wars and economic oppression. These are the things people say who are refugees seeking asylum and it’s all his majesty needs to get his new pool of voters one way or another.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is dead on saying the dumping of illegals is intentional. It was orchestrated with complete mastery of a radical progressive, the son and student of communists who became a professor of Alinksy, Cloward & Piven and Marx! And wouldn’t you know it we have that guy in barack obama!

He is always one step ahead planning how to run this country into the ground. A crisis is all he needs to act and he got one with this manufactured humanitarian crisis. When deaths of children start to occur on the border directly related to this rush you can bet your last $1 he will act unilaterally.