Deputy Minister of Propaganda Calls IRS Investigation a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

This is Alinsky 101 to trivialize an issue even if it is real in order for it and ones adversary to be dismissed. I have no doubt you cannot work for this administration unless you have read and know Alinsky’s Rules for Radical by heart.

What Earnest leaves out of these multiple investigations is the stonewalling that has come from the IRS and the white house! He negates to mention after each hearing new information is revealed, like Lerner’s hard drive being physically destroyed, resulting in more questions to be raised. How is the destruction of physical evidence political conspiracy. There is NO cooperation between the white house and Congress when six months of emails are deleted! You wouldn’t have so many looking into this if people were honest and transparent! This regime has proven daily they are the most secretive and corrupt in US history.

Josh Earnest will clearly continue pushing lies and misinformation as his predecessor Jay Carnival Carney. The new excuse now is the computer crashed case closed you’re all crazy!