Judge Pirro Rails Against Obama’s Feckless Foreign Policy “A Clueless Paper Tiger Who Only Knows How to Cut and Run”

Another epic rant by Judge Pirro taking obama to task for putting America and the world really in great danger while pointing out how inept and impotent he is!

Radical islam has grown in size, strength and power ever since obama seized power through lies and deceit. He is putting us in danger while we witness history in the making allowing radical groups like ISIS to take control of the middle east building an islamic caliphate. Any other potus would have taken action to squash these savages who have directly threatened Jerusalem, Vatican and we can’t forget the promise that they’ll “see us” in New York. Like the Judge says ISIS should be bombed, bombed again and then bombed straight to hell! Pound these SOB’s right into the ground and send a message to our enemies around the world we will not tolerate threats. That of course is a wet dream because obama is an islamic radical sympathizer. His actions to date prove that empowering muslim brotherhood and having the US govt bow down to CAIR.

Pirro’s rant touches on an important issue completely overlooked as she points out how obama and Hillary have trained and armed terrorists with our tax payer funded weapons. This folks is an indictment for an act of treason. Will Congress act on it of course not even though we have more than two witnesses necessary to charge them. This just goes to show how lost the US govt is and how screwed we are!