Second Opinion, Doctor Warns Illegal Alien Kids Are Bringing Diseases Into the US

Consider this a second opinion we’re always suggested to get on medical care! Judge Pirro spoke with Dr Bob Arnot confirming the high risk illegal aliens pose to Americans of spreading infectious diseases that Dr Radcliff warned about.

How is it poorer nations are well prepared to deal with illegals and refugees medically than the US? The obama regime has known since they came to power of the problems on the border. They were well aware of the influx of children crossing into the US back in January, since they advertised for escort services, yet the regime has taken no action whatsoever to deal with this rush at the border. Illegal aliens are being housed in tight quarters which is nothing but a massive incubator for disease. Then when the feds are ready they ship the illegals, many carrying disease, across the country and dump them in AZ, MA & VA!

The US govt is willfully engaged in criminal activity to create a pandemic and utter chaos! There is no other way to explain this, no one is this blind to the obvious to be so incompetent! Their lack of action in dealing with the border, allowing the sick to flood in is complicit in creating a public health crisis.

A comprehensive immigration reform bill is not what we need resolve this problem. We never did! We need the laws on the books enforced and a border security bill passed that’s it! Anything else passed will have ulterior motives to undermine the sovereignty of the US and change the political landscape permanently to one party rule. BE WARNED Congress will be urged to pass an immigration reform aka AMNESTY bill because “something has to be done immediately!” No it doesn’t, we just need boots on the ground in the US not in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria or any other nation!! But if they don’t obama will act on his own to more than likely grant amnesty ASYLUM! Either way it would appear the American people will lose…

America you need to put pressure on border state governors Brewer, Martinez & Perry to deploy the National Guard immediately. Militias in said states need to mobilize and make a presence on the border to deter crossings. We cannot trust the federal govt to protect us anymore.