ISIS Leader to America: ‘Soon We Will be in Direct Confrontation’

(Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iran and Iraq Brett McGurk testimony from the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing February 5 2014 via CNS)
Emperor obama’s foreign policy is just doing wonders for the world. It’s safe to say the world has become a much more dangerous place since he seized power through lies and deceit. His cut and run policy in Iraq only proved when many knew that the islamic radicals would rise up the moment US troops were pulled out.

Do not take the threats by this group to attack us lightly, even Al Qaeda has cut off ties with them because they are so dangerous! It would not be surprising to find out if ISIS operatives are active within the US since our border has been left wide open. The number of border agents in one zone was reduced by almost 50% where anyone in Central America (not necessarily natives) can move north right through Mexico and stroll into the US! No one seems to want to talk about the people from other nations coming into the US and that is why the border issue should be a huge national security issue. Instead its humanitarian crisis that has our agents playing babysitter.

It will hit the fan people, nation is being redlined sooner or later this “motor” is going to seize!