Lies My President Told Me

This probably only touches the surface of the countless lies told by this lawless imperial president. The initial reaction by the majority who will watch this will be outrage and a call for his impeachment; let’s look at that for a minute.

Nixon resigned under the threat of impeachment over a burglary and wiretapping. We have 6 minutes of video here where many of the lies are tied to massive scandals that dwarf Watergate, keep in mind not one clip on Benghazi! Impeachment is off table for obama because even if the House moves on it the Senate has to try it. This will NEVER happen as long as Harry Reid controls the Senate. Sorry to say even if there is a republican majority in the Senate they still won’t impeach him because there are too many progressives infesting the GOP. There is also another bigger reason the boy king will not be impeached âž” Joe Biden.

Everyone calling for obama’s impeachment keep forgetting if it were to happen Biden becomes president. The man is completely incompetent, unhinged and frankly I believe obama deliberately chose Biden to be VP as a last barrier of protection from impeachment. Biden is the reason obama will not be impeached.

That said Americans are clearly outraged over the lies, deceit and destruction this monster is doing to the US. The problem is the outrage is directed at him and not Congress. Congress has allowed obama to run loose making laws up as he goes along, trashing this country at every opportunity and empowering our enemies around the world. People need to redirect their outrage at emperor obama and turn it on their Senators and Representatives but also themselves!!

Since we the people are not holding Congress accountable they have no incentive to hold his royal majesty accountable. Nothing is going to change in this country until people realize they are the ones they are waiting for to change things. Once you accept that take the anger and put real fear in your elected leaders… you have to dwarf what was done to Eric Cantor! There are things you can do to scare the hell out of them IF you are prepared to do what is necessary!?

The only way the nation is going to be restored is when the people take it back from the ruling elite.