Obama Attacks Climate Change Deniers

And the solution to climate change is to kill businesses with massive regulations and tax the hell out of everyone?! Of course his majesty left that out speaking at the UC Irvine commencement ceremony. Climate change IS A HOAX otherwise I suggest you all stop exhaling because you are just pouring more CO2 into the atmosphere! Clearly this idiot never took a science class to know people and animals exhale CO2, it goes into the air and is absorbed by plant life which uses the CO2 like fuel and then they produce OXYGEN that we all need to breathe!

The boy kings last comment is loaded because McCain is a progressive so of course he supports cap & trade. Emperor 0 cap & trade is a threat to freedom and liberty otherwise you wouldn’t be pushing it as all your policies are anti-American/ capitalism. If all the big corporations not in your pocket and conservatives came out in favor of it you and your drones would be the first to go against it! You mock those who say they aren’t scientists well neither are you as you push the radical leftist agenda. Please shut the hell up it’s clear you just want to bring the US economy down.