Judge Pirro Bashes Obama: Feckless Foreign Policy Has Minimized US as Superpower on the World Stage

The Judge should know by now that everything obama is doing is to in fact minimize the US as a world superpower. He clearly hates the US, sees us as a bully on the world stage. Obama has taken every opportunity to bring this nation down making us equal with third world nations.

The level of danger this man is putting the US in is unprecedented at this point. The blood and treasure spent on Iraq has been squandered away by the Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer in chief giving birth to an even more radical and dangerous terror organization in the middle east. ISIS headed by the new bin Laden, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has not only promised to see us in New York but he and his soldiers promise to take Jerusalem and the Vatican! The obama regime meanwhile sits backs does nothing as this new threat grows building an islamic caliphate controlling 1/3 of Iraq and only miles from taking Baghdad. FYI we have Americans in the US embassy in Baghdad that the regime says they cannot evacuate because “it’s too politically sensitive”!

The regime can run and hide blame Bush and the republicans all they want. WHEN Americans die at the hands of ISIS he and the demoncrats will have no one to blame but themselves. This is one mess they will not be able to weasel their way out of. Worst off the entire world is watching seeing firsthand how inept, incompetent and impotent this boy king really is. Russia, China, Iran and our other enemies now know they can cross any redline this clown calling himself president makes. What took approx 65 years to establish this monster occupying the white house has destroyed in 6 years!

One last note, with all this going on Congress has proven they too are inept, incompetent and impotent. They have sat back allowing this monster to dismantle this nation week after week. We have too many Americans with their hands out, so we can’t throw them out of office. We have a court system corrupt to the core that will not act either when suits are filed. We the people are just about out of options. US military you are the people’s last hope to stop this nightmare where are you!??