Sen Graham: Obama “Stubborn Headed, Delusional, Detached”

You might not be a fan of Lindsey Graham but he is dead on in this segment. The imperial emperor is exactly as the Senator described being stubborn-headed, delusional and detached thinking he knows better than everyone around him.

The rise of ISIS will come back to bite the US down the road, it’s not a question of if but when. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the new bin Laden, promised he would “see us” in New York but be warned in their propaganda videos ISIS makes it clear they are building a caliphate, planning on conquering Jerusalem and the Vatican! No Jew of Christian is safe around the world. Obama’s failed foreign policy has now made the world a more dangerous place that will fall victim to another 9/11, as Graham points out. ISIS not only has access to more powerful firepower but they also have close to a half a billion dollars, after looting a Mosul bank, that goes a long way on the arms black-market!