Dem Rep Luis Gutiérrez Denies He Supports Amnesty For Illegals

You lying sack of #$%&!

Luis Gutiérrez made a threat in April and again in May suggesting Bush would be the last republican president! This little rant Gutiérrez runs on about how we won’t have border security and an employment verification system are outright lies, these two items along with others can become laws on their own. Progressives want a comprehensive immigration bill that has everything included but we all know what that will mean. A lot of pork, loopholes and of course some measure of AMNESTY for ILLEGAL ALIENS buried deep within a 2000 page bill NO ONE will have read but voted in favor of! How about enforcing the laws on the books first before gutting our immigration laws? How about passing a bill to lock the border down? It’s pretty clear the only reason progressives want comprehensive bills passed is to hide their corruption! We’ve already seen the destruction Congress is capable of when you try to revamp a system with obamacare. Do we really want these SOB’s to rewrite our immigration laws?!

Now pay attention as he makes one believe immigration reform is dead… it’s not! No boys and girls if Congress doesn’t give in to the threats Gutiérrez and Schumer have made his majesty will use his pen to make it happen. Obama will not grant amnesty!! You read it right! The imperial emperor will use his pen but based on the current humanitarian crisis at the border he will use his pen to grant ASYLUM!

Obama is always one step ahead of his opposition. He and the democrats pushed the immigration issue to create a lot of resistance that can be used against republicants going into the midterm elections. Since republicants won’t act (we assume right now) his majesty will be forced to handle the situation on his own citing all these people coming into the US are escaping violence from the drug wars and corruption in Mexico and Central America. When he does that millions of illegals will just have to say came to the US for fear of their lives seeking ASYLUM!

America you better hope I’m wrong and immigration is genuinely dead otherwise get ready for it to hit the fan!