GOP Congressman: House Could Probably Impeach Obama

Well Rep Barletta means well and there are at least 47% of Americans who want it but let’s be honest kids obama will not face impeachment… ever! Impeachment is DOA if the House had the balls to initiate it when it reaches the Senate to be tried. Harry Reid is obama’s political bodyguard and there is no way Congress will impeach obama even if they could because they don’t want Biden as POTUS. IMO emperor obama deliberately selected Joe Biden as his VP so he would be protected from impeachment.

Wake up America the US is a POST-Constitutional Republic or have you missed his majesty LEGISLATING from the oval office breaking countless laws unchallenged by Congress! Are you aware the Atty General was held in contempt and still goes on business as usual proving federal court system is a failure run by political operatives?! Holder will stay on until Jan 2017 when new POTUS is sworn in so the Justice Dept is lost. SCOTUS offers no hope either ever since Chief Justice Roberts upheld obamacare an unconstitutional law. What options are left for we the people?

Oh I know I know we just have to wait until the elections (because they go so well) to get a CONSERVATIVE majority in the House and Senate AND remove Boehner as Speaker right?! Uh huh because Eric Cantor was thrown out right? But Graham, McConnell and countless other progressive republicans are still there, one election doesn’t prove anything.

That’s some wet dream A LOT of you have!

ht Buzzfeed