CNN Mocks IRS For Missing Lois Lerner Emails

It’s quite refreshing to see members of the imperial propaganda network mock their own!

The regime is deliberately hiding evidence in an investigation and they should be brought up on charges of obstruction. Oh wait that would require a competent Atty General to enforce wouldn’t it? Yeaaaaah that’s not going to happen since Eric Holder is corrupt to the core and probably playing a hand in the burying of data and documents! Yes you read that right! What evidence exists to say otherwise that Eric Holder is an honorable man upholding the rule of law and not a political activist for this imperial president?

There is no way Lerner’s emails are gone. The backup systems to the backups have backups! Experts have come forward on a number of sites, TV & radio programs all saying there are tons of redundancies in place. The IRS is blatantly lying to Congress and the American people to protect emperor obama. Will anyone in Congress do anything about it? Don’t hold your breath!