Rep Gutiérrez: Bush Will Become ‘Last Republican President in American History’

Gutiérrez leaves out one crucial factor in his anti-American House floor rant… the republicans of today are democrat-lite! And democrats, like Gutiérrez, of today are socialists if not closet communists, both progressives! We the people are fine with Bush being the last “republican” aka RINO president of the party. The establishment GOP has been warned repeatedly they will go the way of the Whig Party and that’s okay. You see America, Gutiérrez also leaves out that the Whig Party went extinct and four years later the new Republican party gave the nation our 16th President Abraham Lincoln. If we go this route again, way things are we most likely will, the new party that rises from the ashes of the dead GOP will deliver the US another great leader bringing us out of the dark ages from under progressive control!

Many of us have already said if the GOP screws the nation again giving us a Jeb Bush or Chris Christie in 2016 we WILL push for a third party candidate! So Luis can threaten and try these pathetic scare tactics to get ILLEGAL AMNESTY through. True conservatives are not going to give an inch, we know what the score of this game is if amnesty is passed. If progressives get their way Gutiérrez little threat will happen ANYWAY because progs will have a permanent dependent entitlement voting pool that will result in one party rule! Yes I know we already have it now but amnesty will make it official.

If putting a stop to amnesty means the death of the GOP then so be it, it’s long overdue! The immigration system does not need an overhaul it needs true leaders in DC to enforce the laws already on the books and for them to enhance border security.