Sen Schumer Gives House GOP Deadline to Move on Amnesty, Vows Obama Will Act on His Own

Based on the emperors lawless activity do not underestimate the threats Schumer makes. The obama dictatorship is now at full power in our post-Constitutional Republic, if the House doesn’t act on amnesty you can bet your last $1 he will use his magic pen and legislate amnesty from the imperial throne room!

Cheers to those who can sit through this closet communists rant. Of course this radical progressive takes shots at “radical extremist” Rep Steve King who seems to be one of the few putting up a fight to the establishment GOP from moving forward on an amnesty bill!

The only reason the immigration system is broken is because of the DC destroyers like Schmuck Schumer who refuse to enforce the laws on the book. No American is crying foul about the immigration system being broken, they are in fact angry over how the laws have not been enforced allowing so many to enter into the US illegally. The anger then grows from the preferential treatment given to illegals over American citizens. Those who want reform are the same people who have an agenda to dismantle the US as we know it where monsters like Schumer are more than happy to oblige!

Why the rush to pass amnesty? The first reason is because the regime is ringing the amnesty dinner bell causing a rush to the border creating a crisis. Conveniently we are now learning there are over 60,000 illegal children crossing the border. This gets twisted into a humanitarian crisis that “must be addressed”

The second reason is quite obvious at this point, the power elite want to lock up the hispanic vote for the midterm elections. They will have those already here to vote for them while opening the door for more who will be legalized given the right to vote by 2016 to elect a progressive potus. This will officially create one party rule if the people of this country remain silent allowing their elected leaders to move on an amnesty bill.