White House Creating An Immigration Crisis

60,000 illegal alien children are coming across the border no thanks to obama ringing the amnesty bell! Is anyone talking about this? Are any of our so-called leaders doing anything to stop amnesty? No one is talking about it because this admin has successfully kept Americans constantly distracted with scandal after scandal. Look how quickly attention has gone from the VA to now the release of Bowe Bergdahl! This prisoner swap is all you hear about now while in the shadows of DC progressives work silently to put the finishing touches on an amnesty bill!

Oh by the way America you were lied to AGAIN by this imperial president, this time over border security! Remember when his royal majesty mocked the republicans claiming the border fence was completed?!

If this were true then why is there now a humanitarian crisis with tens of thousands of illegal alien children coming across our border?! Listen to him speak again and run down the list of measures taken to secure the border. If what he says is true there is no way 60K children could get across! Obama LIED AGAIN and no one will hold him accountable.

Where are our champions of the Constitution? They are too busy securing their re-election to care about this white house induced invasion at our border. They’re busy building their small little empires on the backs of hard-working Americans who will lose jobs to illegal aliens who will be reunited with their children!