Harry Reid: GOP Playing Politics With Bowe Bergdahl Release

The only one(s) politicizing Bergdahls release are obama, Reid and radical leftists. No one in the GOP is out campaigning over this but have instead expressed grave concern over what it means to national security. The whole point of the release from the regimes standpoint was to take attention away from the grocery list of scandals but this is now another added to the list!

Those in the GOP crying foul are justified with this ridiculous win/win deal for terrorists who have been joined by some democrats even MSDNC kooks who are just as upset. This is one of the few times there is true bi-partisanship over his majesty’s overreach of power. You would think democrats would see the light understanding there won’t always be a demoncrat in the white house abusing the powers delegated to them under the Constitution. You can be sure any measure put in motion to restrain obama will be stopped by Reid.