Obama: Bergdahl Scandal A ‘Controversy Whipped Up in Washington’

No controversy was whipped up by Washington. This new scandal is a result of this lawless president, this imperial emperor negotiating with terrorists. Someone ought to challenge his majesty asking him to produce any soldier who would welcome being exchanged for 5 cold-blooded killers?! Not one member of Bergdahl’s unit has come forward to say he was honorable or a class act. Should the US do what it can to get one of our own back? YES! But the price paid for Bergdahl was not worth it! You don’t trade Eisenhower, Patton and McArthur for Sgt Schultz! That ladies and gentlemen is exactly what this regime did!

That’s fine his royalness “makes no apologies” in his actions but those words will come back to bite him when the Gitmo 5 are back to killing people… killing Americans!

Take note he said it again. Emperor obama said we won’t leave anyone in uniform behind. Why does that matter? This statement shows the double standard between a uniformed soldier vs an ambassador and CIA operators! The regime jumped at the opportunity claiming deteriorating health as a trigger for breaking the law to get Bowe back but did nothing when a US Ambassador and three Americans were being cut down in Benghazi begging for help!