Reid on Bergdahl Notification: What Difference Does It Make

“What difference does it make” seems to be the preferred excuse used by members of the imperial regime for lawless & reckless acts. To answer Dingy’s question as to why it matters is because the LAW says the president of the US has to run any plans with regards to Gitmo detainees through Congress. That LAW was violated and his lackadaisical attitude just goes to show Reid will do everything possible to protect this radical lawless president… dictator.

Congress sitting idly by taking zero action against obama continues to set new precedents almost weekly now of ceding power to the Executive Branch making Congress aka Legislative Branch completely irrelevant. We are in a Constitutional crisis now where it is clear our elected leaders are complicit with the destruction of the US.

Nevada residents what is wrong with you? Why do you REFUSE to take action against Reid? You call for obama’s impeachment yet to this day you do nothing to remove the biggest obstacle to a successful impeachment in removing his political bodyguard Harry Reid. You people disgust me at this point….