Gun Grabbers Use Kids as Props

Gun grabbers will go to any length to take away gun rights. These dopes who love to invoke their First Amendment rights cannot even comprehend that without the Second Amendment there is no First!

Thanks to Dan Joseph we have some insight now on how these monsters plot and scheme to manipulate not only their own children but corrupt politicians.

What kind of sick individual uses their kids like these people twisting it into a “public health crisis”? Listen to the 6yr old boy, he has no clue what is going on yet his own mother, who looks like a control freak, like countless others are using their children as props for their propaganda. The alleged doctor on scene claiming Joseph is harassing the kid is deflecting of course. He knows Dan has them dead to rights that they are just using kids as props so in typical progressive fashion they must go on the attack. LOL you libs need to find some new tactics and all you are going to do is PO more ppl by using your kids like this, which is shameful!