Illegal Says Central American News Telling People “Go to America With Your Child, You Won’t Be Turned Away”

The million dollar question that must be answered asap is who planted the idea for local news media in Central America to tell people to come to America WITH their children??
Take note this this woman has already entered the US illegally once been deported but is now back with her daughter! It is no coincidence illegals are being encouraged to come here with their kids because obama has now declared a humanitarian crisis with over 60,000 children coming across the border! Meanwhile you have destroyers like Chuck Schumer threatening the House to pass an amnesty bill or obama will act on his own.

This is why you have to watch the other hand folks. While we are distracted with scandal after scandal our border is literally under full invasion by illegals. There should be no doubt now this is all orchestrated by the radical obama regime to justify ramming amnesty through since obama, Schumer and countless progressives have been ringing the amnesty bell! The only way we can put a stop to this is to expose who within the regime is telling the Central American news media to tell their viewers “go to America…”?!!

America you better get out of this complacent inactive funk you are in. One of the most devastating pieces of legislation, next to obamacare, is only months away from being passed, if it isn’t emperor obama will act on his own. Either way there is zero chatter, activity or resistance coming from Americans to stop amnesty from being put through. You were in the streets for over a year to stop obamacare and look what that accomplished. You are in a self-induced coma right now with millions of illegals waiting to be granted amnesty! WAKE UP!!!

via KRGV 5

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  • K Edwards

    Thats disgusting, those poor people they need to go home and whoever is advertising that needs to stop, thanks obama, im sure its his workings again

  • heilbama

    They are advertising this on the net. WE are begging them to break our laws – there is NO help if you came here legally. How convoluted is that. We are in crisis mode right now; across the board amnesty won’t be for just those who succeeded in out-running the border patrol but for their entire families – when they send for them. THEN, of course, the libs will demand that we ‘have to right to keep families separated.’

    Ask a few friends to call/write/email/Tweet every member of government and demand the impeachment of BHO, to declare a State of Emergency to close and guard our borders; to systematically sift through the illegals who are here & deport those w/o jobs. genuine IDs, and/or criminal activity; to rescind the Anchor Baby Law, effective immediately and begin sifting through and deporting all radical Muslims back to their homelands. We need, in effect, to make an exception to our rules when people refuse to assimilate and wish to impose Sharia Law upon this nation.

    Ask those friends to ask more people to do the same. We are not to be a nation for much longer; they are breaking us. It’s time for a new American Revolution.

  • 12grace

    The illegals children are a “Trojan horse” that will compromise the safety and sovereignty of America if they are not sent back to their countries-of-origin.