Mark Levin: We Have A Refugee Problem On Our Southern Border

I disagree with Levin’s assessment saying we have a refugee problem because the US is being invaded deliberately through actions initiated by this radical lawless president. They are invaders encouraged by the obama regime and Congress to rush the border break our laws entering the US to create a crisis to justify amnesty.

Levin asks “what the hell is going on here?” Simple, the regime has gone full Cloward & Piven blasting us from every corner to wear down the people, overwhelm the system even the media so no one knows which ways is up while obama puts his finishing touches on fundamental transformation!

Congress of course is complicit at this point. There is no excuse for their lack of action or even speaking out over everything going on. They are all too busy formulating how they will manipulate this invasion for political gain. All they care about is holding onto their positions of power and will welcome a new pool of mindless voters after casting aside American citizens.