Obama Rants Against Guns, Praises Australia’s Gun Confiscation

Folks pay attention to his majesty’s demeanor as he rants against guns. He is clearly tired of the issue and frustrated with the delays in his agenda to disarm this country. Be prepared for more Executive Branch legislation by this lawless president. During his rant his royalness praises Australia’s gun grab which was more or less the government forcefully removing firearms from law-abiding people! Only a communist would praise such action and take note not one word out of his mouth about the Killing Fields aka Chicago where strict gun laws are already in place!

As usual emperor 0 lied about background checks. He wants people to believe that background checks are not performed when guns are sold. This is an outright and proven lie, the only time background checks are not performed are when sales/transfers/ gifting is between private parties i.e. you and your grandpa, your neighbor or best friend!! YEs there is that handful of sales between strangers but the number is minuscule and sorry to report criminals will never be subjected to a background check when they decide to buy guns in a back alley somewhere!

All that was missing from his drivel was the other lie that “90% of the American people want background checks” which is based on a MSDNC poll of 1200 people. How 1200 people equate to 90% of the population is beyond me but it was shocking that he didn’t pull this “stat”.

The Senate bill was shutdown for several reasons because it would have opened Pandora’s Box on other gun grabs and new legislation. Worst off they had poor language to include people’s medical records which sounds great on the surface to curb those with mental issues. BUT lets say someone is getting counseling following a death or divorce and was even prescribed medication, had the bill passed people in this situation could have been potentially denied a weapons purchase! Nothing wrong with them they pose no threat to anyone but since they saw a shrink they could be deemed a threat, just because they had to get counseling! True mental health issues 99% of the time are the cause for these (mass) killings and it has been completely ignored. Instead the left and his majesty want to blame the manufacturers, NRA, gun rights activists, republicans, TEA Party, conservatives, the Second Amendment and the guns themselves.

Emperor obama wants blanket anti-gun legislation that he can then add to and adjust just as he has done with obamacare. The man cannot be trusted and since Congress has done nothing to restrict his overreach he will act on his own again just watch it is coming!