Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren Declares Progressives 11 Values “We Are Willing to Fight For” [Watch]

Well if you were wondering what the progressives values and platform is based on here ya go! Fauxcahontas leads a room full of drones demonstrating to the world proglodytes have no clue how capitalism works and want big government in control of everything. The very industries and people they want to reign over are the ones who made America what it is today.

Big government loaded with entitlements will not advance a nation, they only help bring it down, as entitlements drown a nation in debt from unsustainable programs. When big government rules over the people it leads to more control and power restricting the free market to grow and freedom in general. The bigger the government the less freedom people have. These values she spews may sound good on the surface but when you look at what it would take to make them happen you end up with what is known as communism; which history has proved has never worked! Those pushing these values like to hide behind the title of progressive so there should be no question now that progressives are nothing but patient communists.

As Fauxcahontas ends this insane rant she claims America is a democracy and these values are what “we” the people are willing to fight for. Uh NO! Sorry but America is a Republic and you do not speak for the majority of America. “We the people” are not interested in a bunch of certified lunatics who keep changing their identity every 40-50 years to hide what and who they really are: communists.

Faux one last thing, please do the nation a favor and run against Hillary in 2016 for the SNC nomination!