Mark Levin Warns Obama Will Use Executive Actions to “Confer” Legal Status to Millions of Illegals [Listen]

Get ready folks 5-6 million illegal aliens could be given legal status in August according to Mark Levin. You can be sure the rush to the border will only get worse overwhelming our Border Patrol Agents. This is the one time we hope the Great One is wrong, if true this nation is done.

We can thank John Boehner and the establishment GOP for never holding obama accountable and taking any action whatsoever to stop the emperor. Boehner as Levin says is diabolical plotting and scheming to pass immigration next year while obama just does what he wants anyway violating the law.

Congress at this point is complicit with the crimes being committed by this imperial president against the American people. Any other president in any other time would have been removed from power by now. If Congress cannot see the danger in leaving obama in power that they won’t even initiate impeachment process (regardless that it will die in the Senate) then they have truly set a precedent that rogue presidents are untouchable. The Founders created this system of government to avoid having a dictator where other branches of govt would step in to stop anyone who goes beyond their scope of power. Today we have all branches of govt complicit with the creation of a tyrannical govt. You are watching the end of America as you know it.

When these illegal aliens are given legal status the radicals running DC will have their new pool of voters to stay in power indefinitely. This will lead to true one party rule putting the final nails in this nations coffin. Blame yourselves for sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to come along and do something….