Reid: Cornyn-Cuellar Bill ‘Too Broad,’ Border is ‘Secure’ [Watch]


Thank GOD comprehensive immigration reform didnt go through because the situation would be a 1000x worse if you can imagine that. We are witnessing what happens when obama runs his mouth in 2012, bending the truth and law that has caused a massive rush at the border. What do you think a massive bill the size of obamacare would create at our southern border!?

The Cornyn-Cuellar Bill would speed the removal of illegals from Central America so of course Reid opposes it. Reid and other progressives are upset that this bill is a deportation only bill, yea so? That is the point that is what we the people want since those being deported are his and the socialists party’s future voters.

Dingy once again proves he is losing it claiming the borer is secure! How is that possible when we have video of illegals crossing the Rio Grande on jet skis, and now staging riots?! The US-Mexican border is wide open you could park and aircraft carrier on it! If it were secure why has 70% of border agents been pulled off the line to process illegals? Shouldn’t it be the other way around if things were under control. Reid is blatantly lying just like his boss! Throwing money at the border will not solve the problem, listen to him no where is that grocery list of money does he say $X will be used to lock the border down. It is all infrastructure to process illegals, provide them attorneys etc to stay here!

If DC is concerned with border security they will act NOW they will not do this BS back and forth. Everyday they delay means 1000’s more enter the US some captured many on the loose. We know those captured have diseases, criminal backgrounds etc so what about those that aren’t?! This is the concern among many Americans have, we want the border closed!