Rep Gowdy Hammers Deputy Atty Gen About IRS Investigation [Watch]

Deputy Atty Gen Cole has clearly taken a page from the Lois Lerner/ Eric Holder playbook of not answering questions. The DOJ like all departments of this radical, tyrannical regime is corrupt to the core, acting above the law. They have no intentions of answering any questions let alone bringing closure to the abuse dished out by the IRS.

The DOJ will not appoint a special prosecutor because that would mean the truth would come out. There are people including Lerner prepared to fall on their sword to protect the obama regime. What you are seeing is the home team running clock down while trashing their opposition in the media as we get closer to the midterm elections. If you think you are going to see regime members in handcuffs headed to jail good luck with that!

This is just more proof of how lost this country has become. Warning sign after warning sign has been ignored, we need a reset and that will require us going down very dark road!