British PM Cameron: Threat We Face Today Comes From Poisonous Islamic Extremism

David Cameron understands the threat IS poses and is taking a pro-active role to protect his people. On the flip side we have barack obama who is now the biggest failure in US history, who is doing what today when the UK has raised its threat level?? Well first he announces yesterday he has no plan on how to deal with IS and today he is off to multiple fundraisers to be followed with a holiday weekend of playing a few rounds of golf! What you have witnessed in the last 24 hours is clear example of who is and isn’t a leader. Let’s also not forget Cameron cut his vacation short when the Foley murder went public, unlike obama who made a quick speech and was literally back on the golf course within minutes!

Your security is not in obama’s top ten list of priorities. National security is not and has never been a concern with this failure. The only good thing about a potential attack on US soil is that obama and his democrat party will have absolutely NO ONE to blame! So while we may suffer losses of life and property this man and the demoncrat party will have nowhere to run to escape the blame for the chaos they created by sitting back doing nothing!