Obama Reaffirms to Act Unilaterally on Immigration

“…in the absence of Congressional action, I’m going to do what I can..”

The emperor will act on immigration unilaterally because he has no intentions of ever working with Congress. There is a reason he became a Constitutional attorney, it wasn’t to uphold the law but find ways to bypass it! Now what is overlooked by his statements today is that he went to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to find ways to end run Congress. Since when is it the job of the Homeland Security Secretary to do side work for the president in finding ways to usurp the rule of law?! We can thank all the dopes in the Senate who confirmed this radical who will play a hand, along with socialist radical Rep Luis Gutierrez, in the destruction of America when 5-6 million illegal aliens undocumented democrats are given legal status through whatever form of amnesty they have cooked up (worker permits, asylum etc).