Socialist Radical Rep Gutierrez: Obama Has Responsibility to Act on Immigration

The House passed a bill on border security and what did the Senate do Luis? They went on vacation! Gutierrez (who is more or less acting as his majesty’s consigliere) and obama are now looking for excuses to invoke Executive Orders to bypass Congress to pass amnesty. They do not care about the damage amnesty will do to our very weak economy and job market. They do not care about the strain illegals will put on social services (entitlements), our health care system or on the people of America socially.

Just as he did on Cavuto Gutierrez does a poor acting job on what obama will do. He knows exactly what obama is going to do because he has been advising him! To make matters worse this nut is now playing this terrorism card saying obama should give legal status to illegal aliens so we can fight IS! Talk about reaching! This just goes to show you progressives will do and say whatever they have to, to fulfill fundamental transformation.