Judge Jeanine Blasts Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy: What Planet is He Living On?

The Judge delivered a double-tap to obama’s failed foreign policy this weekend. Pirro continued to rail against obama and how his foreign policy is only empowering our enemies around the world. In almost every conflict in the middle east this admin has taken a position that supports our enemies/ wrong side. The regime rides Israel to play fair while the Hamasholes are bent on killing every single Jew and wiping Israel off the face of the map.

The regime turned its back on Iraq after cutting and running allowing ISIS to rise to power creating a caliphate. Iran grows in strength with back room deals that allows them to continue nuclear energy weapons development we know that once they create a bomb they will use it on Israel and then us! Obama has shown support in every single uprising to those who are in or backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. At this point its clear whose side emperor obama is on.

What we are witnessing is part of obama’s promise of fundamental transformation. It doesn’t stop at our borders and coast, it also applies to our foreign policy and America’s standing on the world stage. Our one ally and closest example of freedom in the middle east is being left to fend for itself again. People need to understand if the radical win in Israel the US IS NEXT.