Minister of Propaganda: Obama Will Act on Immigration Despite Threat of Government Shutdown

Emperor obama is going to grant amnesty because he knows no one will doing anything to stop him. You have that useless inept, impotent Congress to thank for every single power grab leading up to this. They set the precedent by doing nothing, never challenging him that has opened the door to countless acts of usurping the rule of law. Obama knows there will be short-term political fallout from making this move but in the bigger picture he will have delivered an additional 5 million votes to the Socialist Party (formerly Democratic Party). Remember progressives are patient communists they act over the long-term to fulfill their goals. That goal is one party rule, the destruction of capitalism and of course the Constitution. Granting amnesty to 5+ million undocumented democrats will be the final nails in this country’s coffin!

The Founders put their lives on the line to get away from a dictator and here we are once again under another. The difference this time around our leaders are complicit! The GOP has no spine to risk another govt shutdown since it failed miserably over barackobamacare. There are too many progressive republicans like McCain, Graham, P King etc to torpedo that move. The America you grew up knowing is all but dead once this tyrant waves his magic pen.

What will you do when you wake up one day to find out you are officially a second class citizen to illegal aliens?

One last thing must be cleared up… The Minister of Propaganda like all progressives continues to push the lie that our immigration system is broken, it is not. It only appears broken because those charged with enforcing it have broken it!