Socialist Says Companies Relocating Abroad ‘Have Absolutely No Loyalty’ to US

Any company relocating to maximize their return to investors is in fact demonstrating they are in fact LOYAL to the US, since the majority of investors are American! These companies moving out to reduce costs directly associated with the abuses from this govts over taxing them also demonstrates LOYALTY to the consumer (aka Americans) to offer them the best prices for their products & services!

Paying the highest corporate taxes in the world IS NOT Patriotic… it’s abusive to say the least! Socialist Sanders and his communist boss obama are just upset that corporate America has had enough with the high taxes they pay and found a way to get out of funding their never-ending unsustainable entitlement & spending programs. The only way to truly reign in this govts out of control spending is to cut off the money supply!

How do you cut off the money supply? You stop paying taxes BY THE BOOK, by either relocating(as some businesses are doing), expatriate(which is at record levels) or work that 80000 page code to your advantage with a top-notch reputable tax preparer/ attorney. You have to remember WHO wrote the tax code and why! Politicians wrote it to benefit themselves and their friends so there are plenty of loopholes, exemptions etc buried in that code they know about and use, but it doesn’t mean the avg American cannot! Congress won’t close any loopholes because they will be only hurting those they created them for who have deep pockets! Even if they do you can be sure a new one will be written to take care of their friends.

We can either scrap the tax code for a flat tax or keep it in place and find all the little gems buried in it by and for corrupt politicians! It’s a little bit more satisfying to beat them at their own game don’t you think!?