Rep Gutierrez Lays Out How Obama May Act on Amnesty

Gutiérrez is LYING and he is a bad actor, he knows exactly what obama is going to do on amnesty! It’s hard to keep up with the lies especially when he said obama has the highest deportations. Every attempt the House has made on immigration has been shot down by the socialist party. They do not want piecemeal immigration bill as he claims. Socialists want one huge all-inclusive bill with God knows what buried in it passed; more or less an equivalent to obamacare for immigration. This little socialist has been working on amnesty for over a year with our “conservative pal” Paul Ryan while advising obama how to end run Congress. His hypothetical scenarios he tries to pass on Cavuto are proof he is full of crap! There’s no broken immigration system just a Congress who refuses to enforce the laws on the books giving off the impression the system is broken.