Obama’s JV Team: The Islamic State (Full Length)

The JV team, as obama and his regime puts it, is more powerful, better organized, staffed, funded and armed than Al Qaeda. AQ wants nothing to do with IS because they are too radical! If these guys (IS) say they are going to bring the fight to the US people better take that threat seriously. Bin Laden promised there would be blood and bodies in the streets of the US and about 2 years later we had 9/11. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi says he will see us in New York bank on it! The way this administration is dismissing these guys is dangerous and reckless putting Americans at risk around the world. Obama clearly had the chance to take them out when they were smaller and didnt yet have access to the armaments in Iraq. He blinked and now the caliphate is established and growing quickly.

Any attack committed on US soil, any attack committed against Americans abroad, including any of our interests & allies around the world those who fall victim their blood is on obama’s hands. His dismissal and trivializing these radical jihadist murderers is going to get a lot of people killed.