Police Release Video Showing Michael Brown in Apparent Strong-Arm Robbery Before Shooting

If a picture is worth a thousand words then what is a video worth?

Those pesky facts always seem to come out after leftists and agitators jump in. So all the looting and violence over 4-5 nights was in support of someone allegedly committing strong-arm robbery? Had the police released this video later on the 9th following the shooting odds are there would not have been any looting or businesses being burned down or people arrested. We still need an answer as to why the police officer shot and killed Brown, but do you think people would have piled on this story if they knew Brown had just committed a crime? They would have waited, but the shooting still leaves questions to be answered.

Does this video justify the shooting? We don’t know what happened after Brown exited the store so no one should pass judgement! If the cop was in the wrong for shooting Brown then he will be dealt with. But it isn’t on the crap media or locals to once again pass judgement without knowing all the facts. Let’s assume Brown was killed in cold blood then it is on the justice system to deal with the officer. We cannot have people taking to the streets tearing them apart. The US for now is not a third world nation we still have the rule of law in place! When are people going to learn to just wait? There is a pressure cooker building people are looking for something anything to get behind to justify lashing out at the police and the system. No one seems to want to address why there is so much tension to make people lash out without the facts. It is clearly rooted in economic, social and a growing abuse of powers from those in control to say the least. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson and all the progressives stoking the fires do not help.

I guess we now know why emperor obama took a neutral stance when he spoke out on this. Most of us were expecting him to point the finger of blame on the police “acting stupidly” but someone must have told the regime about this video!