Filmmaker Warns ISIS Crossed Border: They’re Already Here

Filmmaker Dennis Micheal Lynch weighed in on the border crisis that continues while the nation’s attention has been distracted with the Michael Brown shooting. Border agents morale is down as they are understaffed, told not to do their jobs and now under attack by activists as we saw in Tucson AZ when an illegal was apprehended. Cartels continue to move drugs across the border through the same conduits coyotes are bringing illegals through unchallenged. Criminals, gang bangers are coming through the border along with pregnant illegals who are being welcomed with care packages! Now to make matters worse as Lynch quickly touches on the biggest threat on our border is radical islamists coming across!

ISIS/ISIL/IS whatever you want to call them are coming across too, most likely through the same routes drug cartels and coyotes use! We don’t know for a fact but as Lynch explains qurans, prayer rugs and other islamic paraphernalia has been found on our side of the border. Do not dismiss or discount this terror organization, they are better organized, well-trained, equipped and funded than Al Qaeda. IS is a wet dream to bin laden if he were still alive. They have repeatedly promised to bring the fight to US soil. Who is to say some of those qurans and prayer rugs found on the border do not belong to IS soldiers?

Shutting the border down has to do with national security. Americans health and security is at risk for everyday Congress sits by and does nothing. When Americans are injured or killed their blood will not only be on obama’s hands but all of Congress as well.