Boehner Remains Committed to Passing Amnesty

There is no difference between RINO’s and democrats. They all have the same goals which is to do what they want to win political points with uninformed voters and hang on to power. The only difference between the two faces of the progressive beast is delivery of their message! DC wants immigrat.. amnesty, the American people want the border secure. Common sense says draw up a border security bill especially now with the threats coming from ISIS but no the monsters running the US into the ground want “comprehensive immigration reform”.

What does that really mean? It means a lot of loopholes, pork, opening the flood gates to illegals, assimilation never happening, turning Americans officially into second class citizens, handouts, more power to the govt and another law on the books we don’t need that will leave border unsecure! How many immigration laws do we already have right now that are not being enforced? The border fence was part of a bill and was never finished. A comprehensive immigration reform bill will be a nightmare EXACTLY like obamacare!

Boehner along with all the other progressives (R’s & D’s) needs to go! For those unaware, especially Ohioans, Speaker Crybaby is up for re-election… send him packing!