Judge Pirro: Time For Americans to Realize It’s Us Against Them

Pirro is fired up over recent lone wolf attacks and lack of leadership from DC. Many Americans are asleep to this day need to understand as she states “time for Americans to realize it’s us against them”. Our leaders use the “they’re over there” mentality as if we won’t be attacked again, which makes people live the spoiled life Pirro suggests. There is no fear of God in the eyes of radical islamists because we have weaklings running this country.Those in power have gone above and beyond to downplay the threat of radical jihadists on US soil by having training manuals scrubbed, calling attacks “workplace violence” and being more concerned with not offending islam. That results in people being unengaged and uninformed, “spoiled”, not understanding the threats we are under.

But times are changing now that we have had two clear acts of jihad/ lone wolf attacks, most recent in OK after a call by ISIS to followers here in the US to strike. Many are waking up and must put pressure on DC to do as Pirro suggests to shut the border down, strip those traveling abroad to fight with IS of their citizenship, stop with calls for gun control since it was a good guy with q gun that stopped the monster in OK. We have to be proactive and engage these radicals not sit around waiting to react to an attack. That happens when we get real leaders into office vs the pacifists we have right now who care more about polling than Americans!