Obama Blames Intelligence Community for Underestimating Terrorist Threat

This regime knew about ISIS from day one since the emperor’s coronation. Not surprising the petulant boy king points the finger of blame at DNI Director Clapper for underestimating the rise of this death cult obama chose to do nothing about. They were always a threat and IMO Clapper and all intel ministers within the imperial regime more than likely did their job to warn the emperor who chooses to do nothing because he is an islamist and doesn’t care as long as threats remain “over there”.

Obama was in a hurry to pull our troops out of Iraq for political points where the job wasn’t done. He cut and ran and left it wide open for radicals to rise up just as President GW Bush warned in 2007. The emperor can blame all the people and agencies he wants but the blood spilled, overseas AND in the US, to this day is on his hands.