IS Executes Second American Journalist

This is a “PG” rated version of the execution of journalist Steven Sotloff and propaganda video put out by the IS terrorist organization. The execution and other material that would be deemed “offensive” has been removed. Let’s squash this right now, if I were to post the entire uncut version any site I put it up on will delete it and BAN me! If you want to see it and want to host it let me know! The American people as well as citizens of the civilized world need to see this but more importantly hear what these monsters have to say.

Any organization preventing this edited “safe version” of the video from being seen is in fact complacent with those who created it…. “To be silent is to speak” Those claiming they won’t show it because they don’t want to help the killers does a disservice to those who are/ could be targeted by this death cult! Sticking your head in the sand preceding this threat does not exist will only help them by keeping people in the dark!

Our leaders (all of them) need to understand conventional tactics and diplomacy do not apply to IS. This death cult DOES NOT CARE what the “rules” are and they will kill anyone and everyone without hesitation who does not submit to them. Their end goal is a global caliphate with Jerusalem as the capital and everyone living under their version of Sharia law. The fate of these journalists and others murdered by IS will, if they get their way, befall potentially millions of people around the world if their global caliphate is established. They must be stopped and rooted out from all corners of the Earth. If you think they aren’t in America, UK, France etc you are gravely mistaken. This terror organization is better organized, funded, armed and HIGHLY motivated recruiting killers from all over the world who have accomplished and gone to a level bin Laden could have only dreamed of for al Qaeda.

Executions like this are coming to a city near you, the islamic state is a threat to everyone and must be destroyed.