ISIS Calls For Lone Wolf Attacks in US & Europe, US Launches Airstrikes on Syria

IS is encouraging followers around the world to strike in the US and all coalition members because they do not fear us. They know “we” send our warriors to fight with restrictive rules of engagement but even worse they know obama has failed to follow through on his redline threats time and again. He has shown weakness which is why no one has really stepped forward to take the lead to kill these monsters.

Anyone who dismisses IS and their mission like Kerry & obama claiming they are not islamic only puts more people in danger while emboldening them. That won’t matter much since the US and coalition members have now fallen for their trap drawing “us” into a war they want. Operations have begun striking targets with tomahawks missiles as well as fighter attacks on IS targets in Syria! Unlike al Qaeda who will send threats and take time to plan attacks IS will have their soldiers act, as above, in lone wolf low-tech style attacks! So get ready kids because they will strike back quickly!