Propaganda Minister Confirms Americans Fighting With IS Have Returned to the US

When has this govt ever been right on their estimates? If they are aware of 100 Americans joining IS you can be sure the number is double if not triple or higher! Also keep in mind this 100 are those in the US that joined IS to help them in Syria & Iraq, how many joined but have stayed put in the States?

Every day this admin plays nice with light/ limited airstrikes on IS and is not rounding up sympathizers is another day they grow stronger and bigger. For all intents and purposes leaving American IS sympathizers in play is the same dereliction of duty this govt put the US in danger by leaving the Boston Bombers free to roam before they attacked. It is reported some 40 fighters have returned that means there are potentially 40 Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s on the loose!

Stay alert people…