Mark Levin to Hannity: Obama Will Go Full Mussolini After Midterms, Dems Need Good Swift Kick in the Ass

Great Hannity segment with the Great One Mark Levin weighing in on the coming midterm election, obama and some historical fact on dems true racist history!

Levin is right that the country is going to hell under Barack Mussolini. Things will get worse if the GOP in fact takes majority in the Senate holding the House as his majesty will use his pen and phone to ram through his agenda most likely starting with amnesty!

The dem party is clearly a party based on racism and deceit, who agree with their dear leaders unconstitutional actions, are running away from him in their campaigns to hold on to power. As Levin states they are all hack radical politicians responsible for the destruction of the US by wrecking the health care system, running up the debt, dividing the nation with their hate and race baiting. As if bashing them on what they have done recently wasn’t enough Levin let them have it by citing historical fact to make sure the American people know dems are the true party of racism.

What about the republicans? Levin threw down against them too for dropping the ball time and again standing for nothing and being spineless setting historical record straight. It takes two to tango and while the dems are trashing the country the republicans have stood by doing nothing enabling them. They may be wastes of flesh but at least the republicants weren’t the ones who stood for slavery, segregation, blocking doors to schools, lynchings etc!

Dems have to be tied to obama and his agenda that is hurting all Americans… agenda Levin cites in a series of questions:

“Do you want chaos on the border? Do you want immigration amnesty? Do you want massive debt? Do you want more redistribution of wealth? Do you want more nationalization of healthcare, destruction of jobs, outsourcing of jobs?”

Ho much more folks? We need to get conservatives elected in a few weeks to slow down this disastrous course we are on.