US Embassy on Lockdown Following Multiple Shootings in Ottawa, Canada

US embassy workers are reported to be safe.

Canada unlike the US is considering these shootings at 3 separate locations as an act of terrorism vs workplace violence following a would be lone wolf hit-and-run attack that happened not even 24 hours prior.

This is the low-tech coordinated style attack(s) I warned about that would be coming to America, where terrorists would go into well populated areas, locations of significance and open fire. It would appear IMO terrorists are acting out as called on by ISIS or are having a test run in Canada before striking the US. So not only do we have to worry about our southern border but clearly our northern border too!

Sadly we have no leadership in the US to put these threats down. We have a president who does nothing but appease our enemies and in many cases is aiding them physically (running guns) or with information (announcing airstrikes). Our Congress for the most part is composed of do nothings for the people & nation who take an event like this to create more power for themselves while funneling money to pet projects that will benefit them politically.

It is just a matter of time until the streets of America look like Ottawa.