MSDNC’s Joy Reid Pushes Gun Control Half An Hour Into Shooting Coverage

All the gun grabbers from MSDNC to that POMPOUS ASS Piers Morgan were doing their gun grabbing dance on the bodies before they were even cold. You know the progressives motto: Never let a good crisis go to waste. They are all jumping on this like they always do exploiting tragedy for political gain; driving the wedge deeper between Americans.

The level of security at schools, hospitals, malls etc is down because gun grabbers like those on MSDNC have pushed legislation to leave Americans defenseless. Gun Free Zones are Free Kill Zones for those who have no respect let alone any intention of following the law.

This killing from initial eyewitness reports was personal apparently a fight over a girl! Will MSDNC address how this killer child really gained access to the weapon in the first place? It is illegal for minors to own guns, so right there we know one crime has already been committed. If he took it from the home why wasnt it locked up? Poor parenting can easily be blamed if that is the case but we won’t hear any discussion on that either. No no instead we will hear about how evil these machines are that have no brain, heart, blood flow etc and they must be outlawed.