Obama Attorney General nominee: Voter ID is Racist and Must Be Stopped

From the sounds of it we are going from one race hustler to another, Loretta Lynch is Eric Holder 2.0! Her rhetoric sounds exactly like what we have been accustomed to hearing from Holder and Darth Hussein. Blood might shoot out f your eyeballs when you hear her LIE claiming people are trying to undo what Dr King and others have accomplished! Yea that’s right that’s why more black men & women are elected to public office, serving as judges, CEO’s, making millions even billions in entertainment etc now than ever before!

Oh and America you can be sure Harry Reid will ram Lynch’s confirmation through along with other appointments and radical bills over the next 2 months.

Funny I didn’t hear Lynch saying requiring ID for:

buying booze
buying tobacco products
buying/ renting a vehicle
buying/ renting a home
applying for govt/ social assistance (food stamps to Social Security etc)
getting on a plane
paying by check or credit card
buying a gun
getting into a club or bar
driving a car
opening a bank account
getting utilities
renting a PO Box
buying insurance
applying for financial aid….

etc etc is racist and must be stopped!? Why is asking for an ID to vote racist but it isn’t in any of these other countless situations? It’s abundantly clear anyone who is against voter ID is in full support of voter fraud, there is no other logical reason to conclude. I have no doubt Lynch will continue on Eric Holders racist divisive legacy WHEN the Senate confirms her.