Pelosi Lies! Claims She Doesn’t Know Elitist Gruber But Touted Him in 2009

It isn’t just Jonathan Gruber who thinks we are all stupid so does Nancy Pelosi. The lunatic thinks we won’t be able to dig up videos like this from waaaay back in 2009….

Oh and then there is this from her website…

Pelosi website screenshot
Full text

Really Nancy? You going to tell the nation you don’t know who Gruber is with all the evidence floating around?!

Progressives truly believe we are this stupid folks. This arrogant elitist attitude has brought this nation to the brink. This arrogance and massive level of deception is what has brought violent revolutions to other nations you know! You idiots in DC need to remember this country went into revolution over A tax from one dictator. These BASTARDS in DC and their ilk like Gruber should be thanking their lucky stars for how civil We the People have been after the countless number of insults, attacks, acts of fraud etc they have committed against us.

Sad thing about all of this, nothing will happen. In about a week or two we will be talking about something new, probably at each others throats over obama’s executive order on amnesty.